About Us

          We’re just group of regular married dudes with a ton of kids who all share an
undeniable love for all things beach and ocean. Living at the Jersey Shore, we
are all fulltime professionals and part-time beach bums who gather a few times a
week to surf, paddleboard, boogie board, skim board, kite board, sail, eat, drink,
and share lots and lots of laughs!!
         It was during one of these epic beach days over Memorial Day Weekend that
one of the dads (who is no stranger to the beverage cooler), was photographed
by another “leaking” himself in his floral board shorts at the water’s edge!
Naturally, this picture was shared among our group later that evening after all the
waves were surfed, coolers sufficiently depleted, and all the groms were fast
asleep. Lots of ribbing and jokes were made of the photo through the text thread,
but one comment that jumped out of our phones was “He’s wearing leaky board
        And that was it…a dream was hatched… Leiki Boardshort Co. was born.
Our Journey takes us on the quest for the perfect boardshort. Absorbent, fast
drying, super stylish, and comfortable as hell. Beach life is a way of life.
Wearing sick threads and having killer surf gear goes without saying!! This is our
mission…to create the perfect board short, cranking out all around amazing and
affordable surf wear for all, and focusing on YOUR comfort and style. See you in
the water...and remember to "Drop In"!!!